our products

All our products are hand-made and made with pure ingredients as we always choose our suppliers to be certified Greek producers.

  • Pies with rustic sheet:
Cheese pie Spinach pie Spinach-Cheese pie
Leek pie Leek and cheese pie Mediterranean pie
Gouda Cheese pie Ham and Gouda Cheese pie Potato pie
Minced Meat pie Mushroom pie Chocolate pie
Cream pie Zucchini pie Apple pie
Πίτα με σπανάκι- Spinach pie with rustic sheet
  • Pies with bougatsa sheet:
Cheese Bougatsa pie Minced meat Bougatsa pie Cream Bougatsa pie
  • Kourou dough:
Cheese Cheese with whole-wheat Calzone
Peinirli Sausage Chocolate
Κουρού μρ τυρί- Kourou with cheese
  • Pizza with tomato sauce, ham, yellow cheese, olives and peppers
  • Sesame Pulp pie lenten pie