Lactuca, bread with lettuce


θριδακίνηThridax called in ancient times lettuce and despite its Asian origin, existed in ancient Greece according to Hesiod. Its addition to the dough probably gave the first bread with extra properties and different kind of taste.

Lactuca is antidepressant drug and hypnotic, obtained by the extraction of lettuce in hot water.


  • 1000 g. wholemeal flour
  • 1000 g. 70 % soft flour
  • 40 g. yeast
  • 300 g. sourdough
  • 20 g. salt
  • 1 g. pepper
  • 300 g. Lettuce ( cooked , chopped and drained )
  • 60 g. olive oil
  • 200 g. White wine
  • 200g broth (from cooked lettuce)

How to:

Knead all ingredients together for six minutes at slow speed, leave the dough in dish for food and cover with cloth for one hour, dough temperature 27 ° C. Weigh 250 g . dough for each piece, then mold in a round shape and spray with water. Then dip in whole flour, place in a round earthenware , cover again with a cloth for 40 ‘to 50’ and bake at 220 ° C for 25 ‘ and 35 ‘ ​​steam.

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