Thridax called in ancient times lettuce and despite its Asian origin, existed in ancient Greece according to Hesiod. Its addition to the dough probably gave the first bread with extra properties and different kind of taste. Lactuca is antidepressant drug and hypnotic, obtained by the extraction of lettuce in […]

Lactuca, bread with lettuce

Liquids: To dissolve and activate, the yeast needs some liquid (water, milk, etc). The quantity depends on the quality of the flour and on wether we want a dough that is soft, medium, or hard. Hard flour, richer in protein gluten, absorbs more water and thus makes more bread. usually […]

Ingredients of the flour

The method of homemade yeast, or sourdough, or natural yeast is the oldest method ever used for the rising of the dough in order to make bread: Dough from flour and water sits in room temperature to absorb the living organisms that are in the air and they feed from […]

Homemade yeast (Sourdough)