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  Thridax called in ancient times lettuce and despite its Asian origin, existed in ancient Greece according to Hesiod. Its addition to the dough probably gave the first bread with extra properties and different kind of taste. Lactuca is antidepressant drug and hypnotic, obtained by the extraction of lettuce in […]

Lactuca, bread with lettuce

  Whether the flesh or the seeds of the pumpkin, the ultimate autumn vegetable, can provide significant benefits to our health. Selection and maintenance When shopping, try to choose the pumpkin to be tough with skin clean without dents. The stem should be properly fixed, as if removed, there is […]

Pumpkin and its nutritional value

Yeast is a microorganism (or many) with rapid replication, which when added to the flour- and under ideal conditions,  do raise. Once it gets moisture additions and under the right temperature, the microorganism will be rapidly reproduced, creating large amounts of gaseous carbon dioxide, which in turn will raise the […]

Yeast and raising agents

Flour-All we need to know Cereals and grains offer flour in many varieties and types for different applications in cooking or baking. Durum flour: Due to the high content of gluten and protein, this type of flour lends a particularly elastic dough and is produced from hard wheat varieties. Hard […]

Seeds of life